The property lines on the right and on the left small wooden hills and fields.
At the bottom of the grass field there's a public and pedestrian street, that can be driven by car by Borgofier's guests only, and it shares the property by the river Lys.

Right side view
Right side view
Front right view

The hill is very sunny, thanks the upper position compared to the street and the river.
Everywhere you take your look, the view is made of mountains, trees, fields and no house in the proximity.
On the right it's also possible to admire the Monterosa, soaring the valley.

Front left view

The property cosists, in addiction of the two houses "Casa Walser" and "La Villetta", of a field 4000 sqm in front of the houses, wich enclose them laterally also, ideal to dine "al fresco", relax taking the sun, play, let the dog run, pick up natural herbs to prepare typical dishes.
The woods back the houses is also part of the property and it spreeds to the top of the mountain. Here is possible to pick up mushrooms, blueberries, raspberries and sometimes make interesting faunistic meetings.

Front view shoot from the woods back Casa Walser

Front view shoot from balcony of apartment Il Ciliegio

Right side view

The land surrounding the property is partially made of field and partially of woods, escpecially, pinetrees, firs, larches and maples.
Therefore, guests will enjoy large spaces as well as private areas reserved to each accomodation and well furnished and equipped.

Road from village
towards "Borgofier"